Woman yields machete during dispute

The Burke County Sheriff’s Office responded Friday, May 13 after an argument escalated into a woman striking out with a machete.

Officers were met with conflicting stories about why Macey Hughes and Brittany Callison were fighting. Hughes indicated that she was attacked by Callison with a “taser-style device” after she changed her mind about participating in a love triangle. Hughes said she grabbed her machete to keep from getting shocked. She said she wanted to leave but Callison refused to surrender the cell phone that belonged to Hughes and then locked her out of the residence.

Hughes admitted she took out her machete and began striking the exterior of the residence that Callison rents on Poole-Melton Road. The front door, a metal support column and a garage door were damaged, according to the official incident report. Hughes denied striking Callison with the weapon; however Callison said she was struck in the head after she told Hughes she could not stay at her house.

Both women sustained injuries.

Hughes had several lacerations to her right leg, some injuries to her hands and cuts and bruising around her neck, the official incident report states. Callison appeared to have a small cut on her ear, small injury to the left side of her face and two scratch marks on the neck.

Hughes was arrested and charged with criminal damage to property.

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