Wedding escalates into shots fired

The Burke County Sheriff’s Office responded to 210 West 7th Street as backup for the Waynesboro Police Department in regard to a fight in progress Saturday, May 7.

According to the BCSO incident report, Deputy Daniel Windham arrived and found that the scene was out of control. He indicated that he was looking over the crowd, to locate members of the Waynesboro PD, when he realized a fistfight was occurring behind him between Kiana Avery and Heather Ivey.

According to Ivey, everyone involved had attended a wedding and were all consuming alcohol. The trouble started after Ivey began “dancing on” Avery. Ivey’s dance moves escalated into both women throwing punches. Officers separated everyone and everything seemed under control until shortly before midnight.

This time, the BCSO responded to shots fired at 6th and Liberty Streets. Dispatch also said they had received multiple calls of a disturbance at 508 Jones Avenue. The WPD and the BCSO arrived and found another large crowd formed and an ongoing argument occurring, the incident report states. Avery and Ivey were both involved again.

According to everyone there, Ivey had picked up Christopher Bryant, her ex-husband, who was walking and had taken him to Jones Avenue, the officer wrote. Avery stated that Bryant began firing a pistol; however shell casings could not be located. A deputy in the area stated he heard several gunshots coming from within the area.

Avery contended that Ivey picked up spent shell casings prior to officers arriving on the scene. The WPD conducted a search of Ivey’s car and located a black and silver Smith and Wesson 9mm fully loaded, shoved under the driver’s seat. Bryant admitted to putting the gun under the seat for protection. The BCSO advised Ivey to leave the scene and not be involved in any further conflict. However, the WPD submitted their own incident report citing Ivey as a co-offender for criminal trespassing.

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