They have the power



Waynesboro resident Jermaine Simpson placed first in bench press in the 181 pound class first place in dead lift and received the best lifter pound-per-pound recognition March 11 during the Battle of the Counties power lifting event held at the YMCA South Augusta. Simpson, 20, pressed a record 395 lbs. and dead lifted 515 lbs. Waynesboro resident Juan Teaman placed first in bench press in the super heavyweight division, and won the heaviest bench press of the meet. Teaman bench pressed 405 lbs. He completes in the 50-59 years old division. The proceeds from the quarterly event are donated to charity. The next event takes place June 17 at the Grovetown YMCA. (l to r) Juan Teaman, Jermaine Simpson & Bree Haynes.

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