Task Force dissolves after Head of nonprofit passes

Lottie Higgins

Lottie Higgins

The Waynesboro’s Homeless Task Force members decided to dissolve the nonprofit entity after Chairperson Lottie Higgins died April 2.

A couple of months prior, the Task Force asked the city to gift them a donated house located on Herman Lodge Road, according to Secretary Lea Gerlach. During a public hearing, the council members decided to investigate the feasibility of giving it to the nonprofit. However, the city decided it was not in their best interest to accept the property donated by Allene Bennett Walker.

“So, they turned it over to the Task Force and encouraged us to work directly with the person who was representing the family who was donating it,” Gerlach said. Task Force members attended the meeting with Walker; Higgins had set up before she died. “During the meeting, it became clear that even though the Task Force had incorporated and applied for 501 (c) (3) status and got it, a lot of pieces were still not in place organizationally.”

All of the seats on the board were not filled and several members had never seen any bylaws. The entity was not structurally organized enough to accept the property, Gerlach said. The Task Force held another meeting the following week, hoping to inspire enough interest to decide if the Task Force should continue to exist. Five people showed up on April 13.

“We reviewed our spiritual, material and legal positions as a viable entity at the present time,” Gerlach said. “Also, several of us voiced that a divine hand seemed to be holding up a stop sign and the passing of Lottie was part of that.”

The Task Force members decided against accepting the donated building and to dissolve the nonprofit entity, Gerlach said.

“She was the heart of the Task Force,” she said of Higgins. “It is hard to continue when your heart is cut out.”

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