Suspect attempts to tase BCSO deputy

Dominque Ricquez Hughes

Dominque Ricquez Hughes

A Waynesboro man who violated his misdemeanor probation terms will face a judge on a felony charge after he attempted to tase a BCSO deputy and led officers on a pursuit through the woods.

Deputy Dakota Clark stopped a vehicle driven by Dominque Ricquez Hughes in a driveway on Old Waynesboro Road April 5. Clark had witnessed Hughes speeding and turning around in two driveways before the stop was initiated.

A check through the Georgia Crime Information Center indicated that Hughes was wanted on a probation violation. Clark approached Hughes who quickly became uncooperative by backing up and denying the warrant. According to the official incident report, Clark grabbed Hughes by the front of his sweatshirt, advising him to cooperate and place his hands behind his back. By removing his sweatshirt, Hughes got loose and began running away on foot.

“Using my Taser X2, I deployed one cartridge, striking Hughes in the back,” Clark reported.

After falling to the ground, Hughes continued to resist, disobeying verbal commands, resulting in the offi- cer stunning him two more times in the lower back. During the struggle, Hughes attempted to grab the officer’s taser.

Clark fired the last cartridge out in the open, thwarting any attempt Hughes might make to tase the officer. Hughes made it to his feet with the taser in his right hand and pointed it at Clark, threatening to tase him. After realizing it was empty, Hughes entered his vehicle and drove away, prompting a pursuit by several BCSO deputies.

Officers pursued Hughes in their vehicles through the woods and then back to Old Waynesboro Road, before heading south toward Hwy 56 North. At the intersection of Hwy 56 and Cates Meade Road, Hughes maneuvered into oncoming traffic, almost colliding head on into a law enforcement vehicle driven by Capt. Jason Vinson. The pursuit continued to East 7th Street and Stone Avenue where Hughes bailed from the vehicle and was taken into custody by several deputies.

Hughes was charged with aggravated assault, obstructing law enforcement officers and removal of a weapon from a public official.

Removal or attempted removal of a weapon from a public official is a felony punishable by imprisonment for not less than one nor more than five years or a fine of not more than $10,000.00 or both.

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