St. Michael’s helps Ukraine



As the war in Ukraine continues to dominate international headlines, humanitarian relief groups are desperately working to provide everything from medical help to emotional support for children caught up in conflict to shelter, food and water for a desperate population. One American who currently lives in Scotland is doing what she can to help. Mary Lou Stilwell is an accomplished quilter whose work has hung in museums and has been valued more than $1,000 for an individual piece. Needing to do something to support the Ukrainian people, Ms. Stilwell began making baby quilts to be donated to refugee mothers and their infants who are being relocated to Scotland from their homes in Ukraine for safety. Each quilt is individually designed and pieced, using fabrics in the blue and yellow colors of the Ukrainian flag. Last week, Ms. Stilwell donated and shipped one of the Baby Quilts for Ukraine to St. Michael’s church in Waynesboro. It will be raffled off with all proceeds going to humanitarian relief groups on May 15. Tickets are $10 each or 10 for $90. They are available at the church (515 Liberty Street, Waynesboro) – and from its members. For additional information, please contact the church at 706-554-3465 or Pam Jesion at 239-269-5856

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