Solicitor says he needs a raise

Solicitor Matt Franklin approached the BOC August 28 with a request for a raise.

Solicitor Matt Franklin approached the BOC August 28 with a request for a raise.

Burke County Solicitor Matt Franklin attended the county’s August 28 budget work session asking for a raise.

Franklin said in addition to a 5% cost of living increase, he wanted the Board of Commissioners to consider an additional $5,700 increase in his pay. He pointed out to the panel that the number of cases has risen significantly since 2015. This is not the first time Franklin has asked the board to consider increasing his salary since 2020. He said his salary does not justify the amount of work he is doing.

“If you can come up with the $5,700, I will try to continue my job as long as possible until the next work load increases,” he said and added that if he didn’t get more money, he didn’t know how long he could continue to work as solicitor. Franklin challenged the BOC to find another candidate with his experience and education who would be willing to work for his wages.

County Manager Merv Waldrop pointed out to the board that the solicitor’s pay is determined locally. Franklin’s original base salary was approximately $2,800 per month and has been increased throughout the years with county-wide cost of living raises. Franklin also receives a 5% longevity increase for each term that he completes. Thus far, he has completed two terms.

State Court Judge Jackson Cox also approached the panel with a report on the accountability court. Besides Atlanta, only four other metro areas besides Richmond and Burke counties have accountability courts. The community service work that is provided through the program is valued at $17-$26 per hour, he said. The courts will continue to work with county to provide community service that involves cleaning up trash even after Ryland Environmental assumes the responsibility for curbside trash services.

“It puts Burke County in rare company because the other courts are in heavily populated counties,” he said. “I want to congratulate you on supporting the idea of accountability court.”

The BOC will hold a public hearing to consider the FY 2024 budget September 13 at 6:30 p.m. Detailed copies of the budget are available online at

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