Sisters offering Service act as model

Heidi Johnson is modeling the Sisters offering Service (SOS) technique of feeding the hungry.

The original intention of SOS was to reach hungry people in Burke and Richmond County. However, the nonprofit’s bylaws allow for chapters of the 501 (c) (3).

“We have had an amazing experience in the last few weeks,” Secretary Lea Gerlach said. “This is our miracle story.”

A couple of weeks ago Johnson, who resides in Grovetown, had an idea that she really wanted to help solve the problem of food insecurity. She began gathering supplies and put together food bags and packaged personal items.

“It came to the day that she decided to distribute it,” Gerlach said. “As she is looking in the mirror, it suddenly occurs to her that she needs to go to Waynesboro.”

Johnson drove to the Bird Dog Capital knowing she had no contacts. On a whim, she decided to stop at the public library to see if they could direct her to an agency that would help her distribute the donated items. As fate would have it, Mary Bennett was in the parking lot raising funds for a missionary society. Johnson and Bennett were introduced. Bennett who assists in serving 70 meals twice-a-week through SOS, took Johnson to distribute her items to people along Bennett’s regular route. Approximately, 100 people received Johnson’s food and personal items that Saturday afternoon.

Since that time, Johnson has accompanied Bennett several times and has decided to help feed the hungry in Grovetown in the same way SOS is distributing food.

“When we started this, that was part of our vision,” Gerlach said. “This process that we are doing, can be done by others. They can learn from us and we can learn from them.”

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