Sheriff issues two press releases

Sheriff Alfonzo Williams announced April 25 that in May of this year, six current Sheriff’s Office employees will receive degrees from various colleges. Scholastic Opportunities for Aspiring Resident Scholars (SOARS) began in May 2019 and since its inception, 18 employees of the sheriff’s office have earned higher education degrees and others are currently enrolled. Since taking office in 2017, Williams has stressed the importance of higher education and the six graduating employees join 18 others who have achieved college degrees while serving under Williams.

Additionally, Williams issued a press release April 25 that he has filed a brief in the Georgia Court of Appeals regarding the Mandamus Action originally filed in November 2021, seeking a declaratory judgment and an order directing the Burke County Board of Commissioners to turn over control of payroll administration.

“The Burke County Superior Court denied both petitions for mandamus and entered a declaratory judgment on January

25, 2022,” the press release states. “We believe The Superior Court committed reversible error by denying our petition and declaring that it is “within the Board of Commissioners’ sound discretion to continue administering payroll for” the Sheriff’s employees.”

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