Sardis PD approaches Council with camera requests

The Sardis City Council approved the purchase of six body cameras for the police department during their meeting Feb. 15.

Down to two cameras, Chief Scotti Sanford made the request for the purchase. Body Cameras are essential in traffic stops because it records everything that goes on, he said. He proposed a five-year plan with Axon at a cost of $31,865, with a yearly payment of $6,373. The package includes hardware, software, warranties equipment, refresh and Axon professional services.

This purchase will be made using SPLOST Funds.

Sanford also discussed purchasing ALPR Cameras for the Police Cars. He stated that the cameras would be mounted on the roof of the 2021 Ford Explorers. The camera would be able to read and store all car/truck tags in passing. The information would be stored and retrieved as data is needed in the event a crime takes place in the community or other surrounding communities. Vehicles can be identified as being in a certain place at a specific time and the information could help in resolving crimes. City Attorney Chris Dube advised that Blythe, Wrens and Stapleton were currently using the system, quoted at $18,345 with an annual fee of $595 per year. The council voted unanimously to approve it.

Additionally, Sanford pointed out that he now has a total of 12 applicants to review to fill the vacant positions in the police department. He stated that the new hires would be working night shift.

Training is an essential tool in his department, he said. He asked the panel to approve an agreement proposal from Virtual Academy Solutions to provide on-line training for a total cost of $225.00 yearly, enabling officers TMS Access and unlimited training courses.

The Council voted unanimously in favor of the training agreement.

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