Ready to hunt again

Donations from the community will allow JJ James to hunt again.

Donations from the community will allow JJ James to hunt again.

A local teenager will be able to hunt again thanks to the support of the local community.

JJ James was born with cerebral palsy, as a suspected result of suffering a stroke before he was born. He developed brain cancer at the age of four, and has been a regular at St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital ever since.

“He did well after treatment, “said his grandmother Patty Southard. “And then about two years ago, we discovered that he had some tumors in his spine.”

Due to the malignant tumors, he began to lose use of his legs.

In March, he was re-admitted to St. Jude’s, requiring two major surgeries on his spine. After chemotherapy treatments didn’t work, doctors gave JJ 31 days of radiation.

“He is wheelchair bound now,” Patty said in a May 10 article published in The True Citizen. “He loves to hunt and fish and he can’t get around outside. He needs an all- terrain wheelchair. We are looking at trying to figure out a way to get him that so he can still be able to enjoy the outdoors. Wheel- chairs, grass and mud just don’t work out too well.”



After six months in the hospital JJ returned to his Waynesboro home approximately four weeks ago. Thanks to the support of people who contributed to a GOFundMe account which raised half the funds, in addition to fellow hunters who supported the cause, a brand new all-terrain wheelchair was delivered to JJ’s home last week.

“We really want to thank everyone who contributed to the GoFundMe account,” Patty said. “Without them this would not be possible.”

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