Georgia Ag Week salutes farmers

Waynesboro, Ga. – They sow crop seeds and raise animals. They care for both as they grow. In doing so, Georgia’s farmers ensure that the rest of us have what we need not only to live, but to thrive. It is not a stretch to view them as heroes, though it’s unlikely you’ll find one wearing a cape.

Georgia farmers produce more chickens, peanuts and pecans than any other state. Georgia is second among U.S. states in production of cotton lint, cotton seed and watermelons. The state is third in cantaloupe and peach production and fourth in blueberry production.

All told, Georgia’s farmers and ranchers produced more than $12.2 billion worth of agricultural commodities in 2020, according to the University of Georgia Center for Agribusiness & Economic Development. Agriculture had an economic impact of $69.4 billion on the state’s economy while providing 352,430 jobs.

To celebrate farmers and the many contributions they make to our state, the Georgia Department of Agriculture has declared March 21-25 as Georgia Ag Week. This week is also National Ag Week and National Ag Day is March 22.

“Agriculture has played a major role in Georgia’s progress throughout state history, and we’re proud to maintain that legacy of feeding our fellow Georgians,” said R. Lee Webster Jr. Burke County Farm Bureau president. “We’re also proud that we do it the right way, working to protect natural resources and caring for our animals to keep them healthy to ensure that farms can continue to prosper into the future. When Georgia farmers succeed, all of Georgia benefits.”

County Farm Bureaus and agricultural organizations hold events in their local communities as schedules allow throughout the month of March to raise awareness of agriculture. Agriculture celebrations are observed in March to coincide with the planting of spring crops.

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