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For the past few weeks my writing has been at a stand still. Pain addled my brain and the pain medicine I took made it even worse. Because of prayer and the work of Christian doctors the pain has been reduced and my brain seems to be clearing up a bit. As I suffered with what I called unbearable pain, I couldn’t help but think of many of my friends who were suffering far worse than I. Even though I asked God to relieve my pain, I prayed even more for my suffering friends. I prayed, as well, for those I didn’t even know to feel the healing hand of God. And I prayed my most fervent prayers for those young lads and lassies coming home from the wars with missing body parts and pain beyond degree. Suffering youngsters, as young as 18, protecting our lives and libertymay God Bless Them Everyone.

There are some folks who don’t believe in prayer, period. There are folks who don’t believe in the healing power of prayer. To the unbeliever, I can only say that I have witnessed prayer work time and time again. It has worked, not only, in my life, but in the lives of countless others. Miracle after miracle has occured by the ‘Laying on of Hands’ of the Christian brothers and sisters. God hears the earnest prayers of His children.

All healing is not done through prayer and miracles alone. Much healing is done by doctors who are guided by the hand of God. This same God has filled the doctors’ minds with the knowledge necessary to do the healing. All the new medicines, all the new medical equipment is made possible by God revealing the ways and means for man to create these things.

Through the years man has thought he has become smarter. Man receives his intelligence by learning what God has already revealed. For man to learn more it must be revealed to him by God. The closer man is tuned in to God, the more knowledge will be revealed to him. Prayer brings us closer to God. When we become closer to God, we are more prone to receive His revelations. Our minds become enlightened with new ideas and new knowledge that we never heard or thought of before. All the revelations from God are good. They are for help and aid to mankind, to make our lives easier and more joyful, to make our lives complete.

But there are, also, Satan and his Demons who reveal the evil side of live. This side leads, in the end, to sin and death. There may be a feeling of great happiness and joy for a fleeting moment in time, but it will cost us our very souls. Being in the grasp of Satan may be worse than any illness, sickness or pain you have ever had or will ever have. The only cure for this malady is prayer, earnest and fervent prayer.

I feel certain there are many reading this piece who have little, if any, belief in the healing and saving power of prayer. At the place I worship, Sardis Baptist Church, we have ten or twenty prayer warriors who assemble there every Wednesday night at 6:30 p.m.. Regardless of your ailment, regardless of your problem, regardless of the condition of your soul, I invite you to come let these prayer warriors lay hands on you and pray for you. You will feel a change in yourself, and come back for more prayer the next week.

The condition of your faith will determine how quickly your prayer is answered. But know that God answers prayers. Know that God heals the sick. He may not answer your prayer in the way hoped for, but His answer will be far better for you than anything you desired. His healing may not come in the way you expected, but it will come and give you comfort and peace. Your healing may even come in death- the ultimate healing- and Eternal Life.

You can reach F. Leslie Jenkins Jr., Burke Banter Boy, by email at: [email protected]

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