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Bird dog shirts designed by local artist on sale now
This year’s bird dog T-shirt was designed by local artist Kris Lovett, left, and Nan Palmer Lynch, at right, donated the bird dog statue which Lovett also painted.

This year’s bird dog T-shirt was designed by local artist Kris Lovett, left, and Nan Palmer Lynch, at right, donated the bird dog statue which Lovett also painted.

The hunt continues.

Bird dog breast cancer awareness T-shirts have emerged with their newest design, and the purpose to help raise money to fight cancer remains steadfast.

It’s a 15-year tradition, and Gina Richardson, County Nurse Manager, says it’s one that shows just how much our community and local businesses have stepped up to make a difference and make sure Burke County residents get the healthcare they need. Through this support, the B. Lamar Murray Public Health Center has been able to provide mammography and cervical screenings to underprivileged women and assist in fundraising for the Burke County Health Foundation (BCHF) – which provides care in various forms.

This year’s T-shirts have once again been designed by a local artist, who not only put paint to paper but also brought to life a bird dog statue that now resides at the health department.

Kris Lovett recalls the day Richardson called to ask her to paint the bird dog. “I immediately envisioned the downtown mural in Waynesboro,” Lovett says. “I love all the colors the artist used and thought I could do something similar for the T-shirt design. This was actually my very first watercolor painting, and I sat down one night and completed the painting in about thirty minutes.”

Lovett also shares the shirts feature Psalm 91, which holds her favorite Bible verse, Psalm 91:1 – Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. “I had never read this scripture before hearing it in a message in September 2013. I felt like the Lord strategically gave me this scripture during that time because he knew beginning in October 2013 a series of storms were coming into my life.”

Much like those who have faced cancer, Lovett dealt with those storms, standing firmly on this verse. “I had a peace that as long as I stayed under God’s shelter of protection, I would survive every storm. I came out of that season of my life strengthened and encouraged that God really is my protector … I was very honored to be given the opportunity to do the art for the health dept, and I’m really pleased with how both pieces turned out.”

Nan Palmer Lynch of First National Bank, who helped find one of the famous bird dog statues and then donated it to the health department, has had the opportunity to see how the BCHF works behind the scenes. “Any chance we can help with any kind of public sector, we want to be there. That’s what we are about,” she says, adding that Richardson is so intentional in what she does with involving the community. “If we can be a small part of that, then we are all for it.”

T-shirts are available in various sizes and colors in both Lovett’s design and the traditional bird dog. Stop by the Bloom Room or B. Lamar Murray Public Health Center to place an order.

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