Nominations accepted forSeniorCitizen of theYearAward

The Burke County Senior Center is now accepting nominations for Senior Citizen of the Year

Award. This award will be selected by the senior center advisory board and announced in May for Older Americans Month on the Agency’s website and social media platform. Award information will also be provided to The True Citizen. One award will be presented for the Senior Citizen of the Year. Individuals and organizations involved with adults over the age of 62 may submit nominations to the Burke County Senior Center at 717 W Sixth Street. Nominations are limited to one nominee, this can be by organizations, self-nominated, family or friends.

Nomination guidelines for the Outstanding Senior Citizen Award are as follows: The Individual must be 62 years of age or older and a resident of Burke County for at least five years. Major emphasis should be placed on contributions to the community made by the individual after reaching age 62. However, prior contributions may be considered. Service in any field of endeavor should be considered (e.g., education, radio, television, business, medicine, art, music, journalism, religion, athletics, politics, volunteer service). A married couple may receive the award jointly when both have been involved in service and various community endeavors. No individual or couple will be eligible who has previously received this award. All nominations must be received at the Burke County Senior Center by May 17, 2024. Questions may be directed to Kimberly Mathis [email protected] or 706- 437-8007.

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