New grocery store here is unlikely

The Chamber of Commerce presented the challenges surrounding recruitment of another grocery store during an Archway meeting Thursday, March 17.

Research by Verdict; McKinsey Analysis indicated to the Chamber that the grocery industry has changed. The results suggest that by 2026 between $200 billion and $700 billion in revenues from traditional grocery retailers could shift to other formats, such as preprepared meals and delivery services. Younger people are not cooking and eating at home as much as older generations.

Since grocery stores are a low margin business, many national/regional chains are downsizing and closing underperforming locations. Since competition dictates the number of stores in each market, having a Wal-mart can make it more difficult to compete.

Research indicates that the current supply of grocery retailers is meeting the demand of shoppers in Burke County, said Acting Mayor James Chick Jones during the March 21 City Council meeting.

Jones also told the panel that he asked Archway to bring in University of Georgia designing students to create a new plan for the 6th Street park.

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