New bird dog shirts have special touch, benefit health foundation



It’s a tradition 14 years and counting, and one that’s dedicated, even now more than ever, to seeing Burke County residents receive the healthcare they deserve.

Bird dog breast cancer awareness T-shirts are on sale now throughout the county, a fundraiser that has helped provide for citizens in a number of ways.

“It continues to humble us in how our businesses and our community have embraced this initiative,” said Gina Richardson, County Nurse Manager. “Because of their continued support, we have been able to provide mammography and cervical screenings to our underprivileged women who otherwise wouldn’t qualify for Georgia’s Breast and Cervical Cancer Program. This simple initiative has exponentially complemented the care that our public health nurses are providing.”

This year’s T-shirts come with an extra special connection to the county, outside the famous bird dog. Artist Sudie Griffin Langford, a former resident and Burke County High School graduate, personally designed the bird dog, taking fragments of her most loved sections of previous paintings.



“These pieces have become a collection of sorts, and what better framework to showcase them than my beloved hometown bird dog,” Langford said. “Interwoven throughout the silhouette are sections of the color pink which represent each person we know affected by breast cancer.”

Additionally, the Burke County Board of Health recently voted to join the fundraising efforts of Burke County Health Foundation, with proceeds of Tshirt sales benefiting the new organization, which offers assistance under a much broader umbrella of care.

“The Board of Health will retain $1,000 of proceeds to continue offering scholarships for two Burke County graduating seniors, but all remaining proceeds will be donated to the health foundation,” Richardson stated.

“The success of one being shared with the other, I think, just clarifies Burke County’s sense of community. This shared commitment embodies a feeling of being part of something much greater than ourselves.”

Sudie Griffin Langford

Sudie Griffin Langford

T-shirts are available in both grey and sand at the Bloom Room and B. Lamar Murray Public Health Center. Specialty colors of pink and blue were submitted for special order last week and will be available soon. Designs include Langford’s mosaic as well as the traditional bird dog.

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