Missing woman case has connection to Burke County

Deidre Reid has been missing since September 3

Deidre Reid has been missing since September 3

The Burke County Sheriff’s Office posted on Facebook that 41-year-old Deidre Reid has been missing since September 3.

According to her sister, Monica, Deidre lived in Pageland, South Carolina. She is the mother of three children. She was in the process of buying a home and starting a new job when she disappeared. Her fi- ancée recently died and she had reached out to her 7-year-old son’s father, Emanuel Bedford, to get him more involved in his son’s life. Bedford lived in Augusta with his grandmother. His father resides in Burke County.

“We tried to talk to his father and he didn’t give us his name,” Monica said and said his father indicated that the two were estranged. “He had nothing good to say about him at all.”

Deidre got out of work early September 3 and was last seen by relatives in her jeep to take Bedford to the bus station. He was supposed to catch the 1:45 p.m. bus to Augusta. Camera footage shows him getting out of the passenger side and entering into the building but then getting back into the jeep.

“Instead of leaving, he got his money back for the ticket and he got back into the passenger side of the jeep and no one has seen or heard from her since or seen the jeep,” Monica said.

Bedford made contact with Deidre’s family denying that he knows anything about her whereabouts. He claimed he and Deidre drove around Charlotte, North Carolina for a few hours and then he caught the 9 p.m. bus back to Augusta. Bedford’s last text indicated that he wished to remain silent.

Bedford’s grandmother told the family that he came home that night alone and went to work the next morning. The family went to his supposed place of employment but the company said they didn’t know who he was. When the family returned to the grandmother’s home, it was vacant. The family does not know how to contact her anymore.

“Nobody knows where he is, I guess he is on the run or whatever,” Monica said. “His grandmother is gone. They took her out of the house and no one had been back to the house since.”

The BCSO put an All-Points Bulletin (APB) out on the jeep. It’s a Champagne colored Tahoe with a New York Giants tag on the front. The windows are tinted and it carries a South Carolina license plate.

It is uncharacteristic of Deidre to leave her kids.

“We haven’t had any sleep, we have been running backand forth to Augusta every day or every other day trying to see if we can find her or the jeep, we have gone everywhere we can think of,” Monica said. “My mom is not doing good with this at all.”

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