Midville plans funding for police department

The Midville City Council called a special meeting March 22 to discuss how they will finance a new police department.

The special meeting was the first time recently elected Wallace Lemons acted as mayor. Fully attended by residents, there was standing room only. Sgt. Matthew Petrea of the Burke County Sheriff’s Office discussed several issues with the panel.

Topics discussed were the hours that Midville needs police coverage, purchasing police vehicles and salaries the city can afford to pay a chief and two police officers.

The panel voted to purchase two new vehicles initially and possibly one more in the future. They also voted to begin the process of searching for a police chief and to offer a salary range of $37,000 to $40,000. They decided to allow the new chief to handle the hiring of up to two new police officers.

City Councilwoman Norma Thorne voted in favor of hiring a new police chief but opposed purchasing up to three more vehicles with tag readers and up to two new officers.

“Where is the city going to get the money for this?” she said.

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