Midville Mayor under State investigation

The Georgia Secretary of State’s Office is conducting an investigation into the residency of recently elected Midville Mayor Wallace Lemons.

The investigation, headed by Mark Wright, will include interviews and a review of documents. The findings will be presented to the State Elections Board, according to Walter Jones of the State Press Office.

The case was opened March 15 and names William Thorne as the complainant.. According to the SOS case management list, it is filed under the category Elections-Candidate Qualifying Issue. Elections-Residency.

The State Elections Board has several options including, dismissal, handing down recommendations to lower boards, making a referral to the local district attorney’s office or the Attorney General. There is no set timeline for the process. Board seats are held by volunteers who meet on a as-needed basis.

“Sometimes it takes a while to work through their agenda,” Jones said.

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