Messy kitchen results in fight

The Burke County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call about an assault Friday, March 11.

Jamia Abrams called deputies to Burke Health after an incident took place involving employees at Chief Reds on River Road. Employee Gloria Carpenter told a deputy that business owner John Sampson talked to employee Donna Williams about leaving a mess in the kitchen while employees were trying to close. When Carpenter approached Williams as well, Williams suggested they step outside and fight, she said. Abrams was injured when she tried to intervene and defend Carpenter, who is also her mother. Abrams said she sustained a hit and a bite.

During an investigation, Sampson indicated that Abrams approached Williams yelling and that he witnessed Abrams throwing a punch. The women ended up on the ground fighting, he said.

Due to conflicting statements and injuries on both parties the officer was unable to determine a predominate aggressor. Both parties were advised of the warrant process and no arrests

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