Meeting Midville’s newest councilman

Cornelius Davis

Cornelius Davis

Midville will not need an election to fill the seat vacated by Mayor Wallace Lemons since Cornelius Davis is the only candidate to qualify.

This is Davis’ first experience holding a public office, however he is no stranger to politics. His great uncle Sam Cummings was Midville’s mayor for nine years. Davis is a life-long resident of Midville. His three children ranging from 5-18 years old spend a lot of time in the city.

He is concerned about the condition of the city’s park.

“I see the city declining,” he said of his reason for running for the council seat. “There are kids there. My main concern is making sure the kids have something to do all the time because if kids have nothing to do, it makes them start doing wrong things.”

The city hooked up sewer lines to properties outside the city limits. Davis wants to make sure people have access to repairs. He became concerned when his mother’s sewer line got stopped up and water backed up through her bathtub. He wants to help ensure the city is staying on top of potential problems.

Davis referred to himself as a well-known “people person” around Midville. He believes that he will inspire other young adults to get more involved in the city. He hopes that younger people will feel comfortable coming forward and voicing their concerns. He sees himself as a representative of the younger generations.

“I have a level head,” he said. “I am not like the average 42 year-old Black guy. They talk about stuff but they don’t ever want to do anything about it.”

Wallace held a meet-andgreet

Saturday, April 16 at the Community Center. Residents of all ages attended.

Davis grew up in a singleparent home alongside six siblings. He is proud of what he has achieved since then. Known as “hard-headed” when he was younger, people sometimes predicted he would end up in jail.

“I think I am a good example for young Black kids,” Davis said. “I want them to have something and do something for themselves and try to be somebody.”

Davis anticipated that he will be sworn in April 29. He said May 10 is when he expects to attend a city council meeting as an official member.

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