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Spring is here! The skies are blue, flowers are blooming and the grass is green. The arrival of spring gives some of us the urge to get outside and play in the dirt. Garden centers are flooded with others leaving with shrubs, flowers, trees, potting soils and pinestraw. There’s something about this season that gives us energy.

It’s also the time of year we begin to spring clean our homes and vehicles. We start to de-clutter and re-organize our spaces. Most of us love the feelings that come when our home, windows, garage, drawers and closets are cleaned out and re-organized. Even something as simple as cleaning the dust off the pictures on the walls can jump start your energy level to tackle the next chore. The condition of our environment contributes so much to how we feel!

Every year I somehow experience this burst of energy long enough to clean off a porch and two decks. Starting with fresh bleached pots and washing the pollen away begins the pleasure of planting new tomatos, peppers, vegetables and an herb garden on the downstairs porch. The second and third floor decks get their scrubbing and are also replenished with sun loving flowers and hummingbird feeders. As good as the feelings are that result from completed activities for all of us, consider how it may feel to work on cleaning up the thoughts (dirt) in your head.

Take a minute to consider how negativity and judgements in your head affect your mood, your peace of mind and your beliefs and thoughts about yourself and others. Have you ever thought about cleaning up the useless (and maybe even harmful) clutter in your head? When you can acknowledge and take responsibility for the way you criticize, judge and create stories about yourself and others, (most of which are not really true) it will free you to make different, more healthy choices. Just as in the home and garden, when you begin to clean out, de-clutter and re-organize the space in your head, you are able to start with a clean slate. You begin to really question all the stuff clogging your thoughts, areas in life where you are stuck in a rut and even the feelings of guilt for critizing and judging others. Every time you criticize or judge another, you are damaging your self as well!

When you work at cleaning the negative thoughts away, you won‘t waste time on miscommunications, you will speak to others honestly and openly, you will tell the truth and you are free to be who you really are. And, you will be a better listener and better at all comunication with yourself and others as well. Instead of staying stuck in the mindset of what you can’t do and why, you may decide to go for bigger and better accomplishments in your career and/or relationships.

Yes, your environment and physical spaces matter. But your inner space, your emotions, thoughts and how you choose to see and experience the world matter so much more.You become free to discover your own worth. You create a space to realize the true beauty, the goodness and the love that can be a part of all of us.

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