{this week in Burke County history}

10 YEARS AGO – MARCH 18, 2013

The first concrete was set in the foundation of one of Plant Vogtle’s two new nuclear reactors. The nuclear grade concrete was pumped into the site for 41 straight hours.

Dexter Alexander Anderson, 26, was charged with the murder of his girlfriend, Charlotta Lockhart of Keysville. Anderson reportedly shot her in the head and initially reported it as a suicide.

25 YEARS AGO – MARCH 18, 1998

Burke County Hospital Authority Chairman Roy Chalker, Jr. said the board had reached an agreement for Health Span Inc. to manage the hospital for the next five years. The agreement called for the authority to receive a percentage of the profits during the term of the lease.

Despite their father’s repeated efforts to save them, two children died in a house fire on Persimmon Road. Marion Hamilton was in critical condition after trying to rescue Mario, 8 and Dominee, 5, who died of smoke inhalation.

The birth of Bailey Oliver marked the fifth generation of the family of patriarch J.C. Oliver. Representatives of the other generations were Terrell Oliver (2nd), Jack Oliver (3rd) and Ron Oliver (4th).

50 YEARS AGO – MARCH 14, 1973

Waynesboro Mayor Paul Stone appeared before the Burke County Commission to request immediate action toward the implementation of a sanitary landfill here.

Income Tax and Typing were the first two courses being offered to adults through the Waynesboro High School.

R.L. “Bobby” Webster of Vidette was named Man of the Year by the Briar Creek Soil and Water Conservation District.

70 YEARS AGO – MARCH 19, 1953

John J. Jones re-opened his law practice in Waynesboro after his military service. Jones entered the Army as a Captain and was successively promoted to colonel. He served in the Judge Advocate General’s Department.

C. Whit Blount announced that renovations on the Waynesboro Groceteria were complete. The work resulted in a 50% increase in the store’s floor space and three checkout lines were provided.

The University of Georgia Glee Club, consisting of 32 men and 10 women, was scheduled to perform at the Waynesboro High School auditorium. Tickets were $1.00 for adults and 50c for children.

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