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Brianna Roberson’s story is featured in the March 4 issue of Black Enterprise.

Brianna Roberson’s story is featured in the March 4 issue of Black Enterprise.

A March 4 article in Black Enterprise features Brianna Roberson’s story behind the opening of Soulbean Coffeehouse on E. 6th Street.

In the article, Roberson shared her journey of what led her to open up the coffeehouse after a stint in the Midwest, trying her hand at a corporate job. Returning home after a couple of years, she decided to bring the experience back to her hometown.

The pandemic played a part in inspiring Roberson to open sooner than originally anticipated. COVID-19 brought to the forefront a need for a central space, where students had access to free Wi-Fi.

“Being in rural Georgia, a lot of our students didn’t have Wi- Fi, and we didn’t have a central space within our city limits that offered free Wi-Fi to our students,” Roberson told Black Enterprise. “So, a lot of kids couldn’t do their homework assignments or their lessons at home during the pandemic.”

The article chronicles Roberson’s journey to secure fi- nancing to start the business, facing a labor shortage, and issues with health inspections. Roberson also speaks on winning $25,000 in the 2021 Take It To The TOP National Entrepreneurship Challenge hosted by the Black Women’s Roundtable.

Besides coffee, Soulbean Coffeehouse serves food, hosts religious services, offers open mic nights and live music.

Black Enterprise, is a print/ digital magazine established in the 1970s and boasts a readership of more than 3.7 million.

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