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I’ll be back


I’d like to take a moment to thank all the wonderful people who worked to make Boss Hog 2012 such a success.

As a first time cooker, I was totally impressed with Waynesboro’s Downtown Organization of Retailers (DOOR) and their ability to create a cooker-friendly environment.

There are many events that could take a page from their book and step up their gameday operations.

Thanks for all the great help and attention, and we will definitely place a reserved tag next to your event for next year.

Seth Watari

Some-R Swine cook team

Summerville, S.C.

Xxyy Editor:

Thank you so much for the story of the Walker Settlement. I enjoyed reading the history of their family … so very interesting.

I’ve wondered about Boggs Academy. It hurts to see it in such disrepair.

Thank you again for a good history lesson.

Gwen Allen, Keysville

Pick up the cadence

We must hurry, Memorial Day, 2012. will soon be here, and our World War II Veterans are leaving us fast. In fact most are pushing 90 up hill.

So let’s go out of our way to pay tribute to all our Veterans, especially the thoughts that gave their all.

John Wayne said “Courage is being scared to death, but you saddle up anyway.” These men saddled up and fought with courage.

Women also serve with valor in hospitals and communicating millions more known as (Rosie the Riverters) worked in munitions plants, shipyards and others weaponry that would eventually help with the war.

As we look back I believe the strongest link in the chain, were the prayer warriors. Mothers, wives, grandmothers and other members of the family back home fasting and praying for their boys to win the battles and come home. Thank God some of them did.

In Jeremiah 6:15-16 we see how god’s people were enslaved by wicked nations. When they refused to walk in the old paths, and find rest for their souls.

In I Kings 20:28-30 God showed the Syrian king Benhadad that the God on the mountain is the God in the valley. That same God still rules today and forever.

America is a good old girl, but lately she seems a little complacent. Hanging out with apathy and astapy, walking in the dark. I hope she’ll come home early tonight and rest on the solid rock. Because Satan will start another war soon. And she needs to e on the right side. “The Lords wins the battle.”

Richard Sapp,

Keysville, Ga.

Xyy Editor:

The Burke County Master Gardeners would like to thank the citizens of Waynesboro and Burke County for their support of our annual plant sale. The sale was once again a success thanks to the continued support of many returning patrons as well as newcomers.

Proceeds from the plant sale go toward community events and projects as well as funding for two scholarships for high school seniors. We appreciate the interest and excitement of those who attend our sale each year on the last Friday in April and look forward to 2013.

Jane McDaniel

Secretary, Burke County

Master Gardeners

The Boss just gets better


How can the best-of-the-best get better? Go to the Boss Hog Cook-Off each year and find out. Every year, it gets better and better, and it’s now one of the country’s premier Kansas City Barbeque Society contests.

I want to thank organizers Amy Lively, Nan Lynch and Elizabeth Billips for showing us judges the best hospitality and appreciation of any KCBS contest out there. Every year, I enjoy myself and the many great folks we meet in Waynesboro.

FYI: Judges and teams contribute to Waynesboro’s economy by spending money. We had a bunch of judges and cooking team members staying at the Best Western and Jamison Inn. I contribute my fair share every year at Good Day Café and having desert and breakfast at Pineland Bakery. My last stop on my way home is back at the Pineland Bakery for the wonderful Bear Claws.

Thank you all for having me and I look forward to next year.

Rick Goldstein

Atlanta, GA

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