On behalf of the Georgia Field Trial Association I want to thank our individuals and businesses who contributed to the success of our field trials this season. For fear that I will overlook someone, I will not attempt to call any names. You know who you are!

The 2017 season concluded on Sunday, Feb. 12, with the running of the Georgia Amateur Celebration.

The professional stakes began Jan. 2, and ended on Jan. 20. A total of 185 dogs were entered – the largest number since 2007. Over 50 percent of our states were represented.

We are very fortunate to have the facilities at DiLane Plantation available on which to host our trials.

In the early 90s, the property was purchased through mitigation by the U.S. Corp of Engineers and was leased to the Georgia government for the primary purpose of holding field trials.

Mark Williams is commissioner of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. The GFTA deals primarily with IB Parnell, Lee Taylor and John Bearden. John Vescuso is the manager of DiLane. He along with Henry Williams, longtime employee of the DNR, make sure that the courses are prepared properly for the trials.

During the Shooting Dog Championship, we had a visit from Keith Crowe, operations manager for Richard B. Russell Dam and Lake. He has 30 plus years of service with the U.S. Corp of Engineers. He was accompanied by Jeff Brooks, along with Parnell. Jeff is a wildlife biologist for the Savannah District. They were most definitely welcomed visitors.

I feel very proud of our town when our owners and handlers arrive. They are quick to say that they do not go anywhere that community support is witnessed as in Waynesboro.

Many dollars are spent in Waynesboro and Burke County annually by our visitors. They are a big boost to our economy during January. Anything that can be purchased locally by me for our trials is done so – keep our dollars at home.

Thanks again for your continued support. Field trails are a big part of my life. We could not host first class trials without involvement from our community.

Nell Mobley

Secretary, Georgia Field

Trials Association

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