Keysville proposes new fines

The Keysville City Council tabled proposed penalties for ordinances that are already on the books after some residents questioned the amounts the city would charge and the authority of Code Enforcement Officer Ron O’Brien to determine those who are in violation.

Mayor Linda Wilkes-Davis submitted to the council 18 proposed fines. The city already has the ordinances, but currently there are no penalties in place. Six of the proposed fines that are $50 involve maintenance of exterior properties, failure to comply with signs of a directive nature, trespassing on city property closed to the public, failure to leave city property after being told by a city official, unauthorized loitering on city property and soliciting funds on city property.

Failure to comply with traffic markers or reserved parking spaces could merit a $25 fine. Residents who keep unregistered vehicles on private property could be fined $75. Tampering with signs could result in a $150 fine. A $200 fine could be given for improperly disposing of garbage or participating in gambling.

Residents who involve themselves in unauthorized demonstrations on city property, creating a disturbance during city meetings or playing loud music could see a fine of $250. Entering the city or any city building while under the influence of alcohol or drugs could result in a $300 fine. Defacing a grave marker could merit a fine of $500.

After more discussion, the panel will vote on the fines next month.

The council voted unanimously June 13 to adopt only chapter 3 of the 2018 IPMC International Property Maintenance

Code Book after members of the panel expressed their concern that the entire book did not pertain to Keysville.

The City Council also elected to place a used city truck and former police vehicle up for sale for $499 and a golf cart, known to have electrical issues, up for sale for $399.

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