One of the most meaningful traditions in Waynesboro each year is the gathering of the churches for worship each day at noon during Holy Week. This tradition was tripped up by COVID during the last two years. We observed a part of the tradition by having different pastors come each day during Holy Week to speak with the service being streamed live from a local church. It was what we had to do; it surely was not what we wanted to do. But this year we are going live again!

Holy Week services begin on Monday April 11 and continue through April 15. The services are held each day at noon with the service running about thirty minutes and a lunch served afterwards. We want you to come. We do receive an offering each day which goes for ministries in our community, most of it to assist people passing through our community who need lodging for a night or a good meal.

“Not being able to be together the last two years has made Holy Week very different for me, so I am grateful to God that we are at a place and time where we can come together once again. I look forward to seeing lots of people join us for Holy Week this year,” said Al Wright.

MONDAY, APRIL 11 St. Michael’s Episcopal Church

Pastor Isaac Salgado

TUESDAY, APRIL 12 First United Methodist Church

Father Larry Jesion

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 13 Rosemont Baptist Church

Pastor Tony Branham

THURSDAY, APRIL 14 Waynesboro Deliverance Church

Pastor Matt Wigley

FRIDAY, APRIL 15 Waynesboro Church of God

Pastor Charles Green

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