Gang members monitored for drug smuggling

Four members of the Gangster Disciples were found to be conspiring to smuggle marijuana, cell phones and cigarettes into the Burke County Detention Center.

Phone calls from a jail cell, tipped off the Burke County Sheriff’s Office that Alphonse Birdine had been conspiring with his brother Sendarius Birdine. Surveillance led officers to believe that Odis Rushing was orchestrating a transaction between another man, Jachon Mills and Sendarius Birdine.

The BCSO Narcotics Division along with the Crime Suppression Team set up physical surveillance at Burke Health. Sendarius was observed walking into a public entrance, where officers believed he intended to drop a package off inside the bathroom in the Emergency Room lobby. Shortly thereafter, inmate Alphonse Birdine, requested to be transported to the hospital. While at the hospital, he requested to use the restroom twice. Upon arrival back at the Detention Center, Alphone Birdine was strip searched but no contraband was found.

Fifteen calls between the brothers and 24 calls between Rushing and Mills implicated the men. Sendarius Birdine was arrested at his residence on several outstanding warrants. After signing a written waiver of counsel, Sendarius Birdine admitted to being at the hospital, using the restroom in the lobby, but said he decided not to leave the package, the official incident reads.

In a separate incident, Johnleshia Herndon was arrested Monday, March 14 when she attempted to smuggle in marijuana through a Selson Blue shampoo bottle. Two bottles of the shampoo were found to contain 4.3 grams of marijuana.

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