Edmund Burke Academy announces honor roll

Edmund Burke Academy has released its honor roll for the first nine weeks. Those named to the list include:


7th grade: Lily Herrington, Carly Johnson, Issy Barlow, Claire Syms, Madison Hitchcock, Ivin Huskey ,Beau Brinson , Avery Harris, Emma Whinghter, Ryan Reddick

8th grade: Leila Eastmead, Matthew Hood, Dailey Sylvester, Mailyn McGill, Lexi Hargrove

9th grade: Morgan Montgomery, Addison Riggs, Mallorie Meeks, Trey Johnson III, Anna Palmer Braswell, Kensy Felix

10th grade: Zaylie Baker, Avery Chance, Hannah Posey, Morgan Tedder

11th grade: Lillie Brown, Braxton Myers, Mary Benton Sylvester, Grace Tsakonas, William Hood, Tyler Tuell

12 grade: Christine Eberly, May May Fu, Cole Mobley, Luke Timms, Ryan Dixon, Avery Wallace, Avery Wiggins, Erin Glisson


7th grade: Brooks Broxton, William Reindl, Collier Long, Sadie Chance, Emma Cate Brinson, Leah Hardy, Wyatt Wade, William Reindl, Collier Long, Andrew Cates, Grant Robinson

8th grade: Riley Reeves, Asher Hammett, Rylan Miles, Darcie Buckley

9th grade: Camryn Adams, Owen Redd, Macie MacMillan, Wyatt Carey, Nash Parker, Blake Reddick, Ava Timms, Elle Mobley, Mark Thomas Wasden, Braelyn Reeves ,Carleigh

Woods, Marc Owen Chancey,Anna Palmer Braswell, Rylee Myers, Rachel Gonsalves

10th grade: Palmer Gresham, Jackson Griffin, Connor Syms, Dawson Chandler, Jasi Lyn Ogelsby, Micah Bowen, Astrid Soto, Sydney Coble

11th grade: Kathryn Taylor, Noah Christian, Kelsey Jaquess

12th grade: Emmie Bowen, Alaina Boulineau, Evan Hirschauer, Morgan Arbisi, Gracie Prescott

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