EBA track team competes at Bulloch Academy

Edmund Burke Academy Middle School was among six schools competing in a track meet at Bulloch Academy.

Coach Daniel Hannah said, “Many of our athletes were participating in their first track meet ever and did great at adapting and learning how to compete. Our girls had a particularly great showing and I look forward to watching what this group of girls can do when combined with the young varsity girls’ team.

EBA team results are as follows:


Shot – Dailey Sylvester 4th, Shelby Tucker 7th; Discus – Shelby Tucker 4th, Dailey Sylvester 5th; Long Jump – Leila Eastmead 1st, Carly Johnson 2nd; 4×100 – Madison Hitchcock, Issy Barlow, Collier Long, Caroline Montgomery – 6th; Hurdles – Emma Hirschauer 2nd, Leila Eastmead 1st; 100m – Carly Johnson 2nd, Madison Hitchcock 6th; 400m – Leila Eastmead 1st, Emma Whinghter 2nd; 200m – Madison Hitchcock 6th, Collier Long 7th; 4×400 – Leila Eastmead, Emma Hirschauer, Emma Whinghter, Carly Johnson 1st; Madison Hitchcock, Issy Barlow, Collier Long, Caroline Montgomery – 6th.


Shot – William Reindl 3rd, Ivin Huskey 5th; Discus – William Reindl 5th, Andrew Cates 6th; Long Jump – WIlliam Ray Wasden 5th; Hurdles – Ryan Reddick 3rd; 400m – WIlliam Ray Wasden 4th, William Reindl 5th; 4×400 – William Reindl, Ryan Reddick, WIlliam Ray Wasden, Grant Robinson – 2nd.

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