Director explains primary runoff

Board of Elections Director Beau Gunn admits the June 21 primary runoff can seem confusing.

Simply put, during this runoff election, there is only a Democratic ballot and there are four State-wide races; Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, Commissioner of Insurance and Commissioner of Labor.

“Those who are eligible to vote in this runoff are the people who either used a Democratic or nonpartisan ballot during the primary, or anyone who didn’t vote at all,” Gunn said. “Anyone who requested a Republican ballot is not eligible to vote in the primary on June 21.”

Friday, June 10, is the final day that the Board of Elections will accept absentee ballot requests by mail.

“It’s a very short time frame between the primary and the runoff,” Gunn said. “But, we do have in-person voting early, June 13-17 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Again, it is a condensed timeframe, but we do have one week of early in-person voting.”

Charlie Bailey is running against Kwanza Hall in the Democratic Lieutenant Governor race. State Rep. William Boddie and Nicole Horn are vying for Labor Commissioner. State Rep. Bee Nguyen and former State Rep. Dee Dawkins-Haigler are running for Secretary of State. Raphael Baker and Janice Laws Robinson are vying for Insurance Commissioner.

The Board of Elections expects to have a sample ballot posted on their website this week. More information is available by calling 706-554- 7457.

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