Collaboration in Jekyll Island



Vice Mayor, Mr. James “Chick” Jones, participated in the Georgia Family Connection’s 2022 Conference on Jekyll Island October 26-28. The conference was designed for collaborators determined to finding solutions to the complex issues like poverty, mental health and family and economic well-being that challenge children and families. The conference ranged from topics like “Developing Resilient Communities” to “A Collaborative Approach to Community Suicide Prevention”. It also provided networking opportunities for collaborating with community partners across the state of Georgia. “Because the City of Waynesboro is one of our key Family Connection Partners, I felt that Vice Mayor Jones would be the perfect person to attend the conference and bring back some of the knowledge that he gained while there”, states Teresa L. Carter, Executive Director of Burke County’s local Family Connection. “It is my hope to have additional community partners join us for our conference in 2024. from left to right: Julie Miller, Family Connection Region 7 Manager, Mr. James “Chick” Jones, City of Waynesboro Vice Mayor, Teresa L. Carter, Executive Director of Communities In Schools of Burke County-Family Connection, Inc.

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