City may help with beaver issues

Though their responsibilities are minimal, the City of Waynesboro has decided to look into helping with some of the issues plaguing Jones Lake.

During the city’s regularly scheduled meeting last Monday, city manager Jerry Coalson gave an update on the beaver dam situation, something that has been a nuisance for more than 20 years now.

While Coalson told council that the city owns very little of the property and their responsibility stops at maintaining drainage and taking care of mosquito problems, he did say he thinks the city might be able to help some of the homeowners who are experiencing flooding in their area.

He explained that over the years, beaver dams have caused a silt buildup, which has led to the flooding on many properties near Jones Lake. “It’s like a swampy soup of debris,” Coalson said, describing a drainage issue that goes all the way to the old Blakeney school on Pauline Jenkins Street. If the city were to remove the silt and dig a ditch to re-channel the flow of water, he says they are simply restoring the channel and not creating anything new as far as maintenance. “This also would give us easier access to fight the beavers,” he said, adding that trapping them is “an extremely long, time consuming endeavor.”

Coalson says first the city must obtain permission from the property owners and will then send a letter to the Core of Engineers before moving forward to obtain pricing for the project.

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