City approves two liquor store sites

The City Council voted on four applications for businesses licensed to sell distilled spirits during a public hearing Monday, May 16.

After no one made public comment, the council voted on each location individually. An application by Harper Mobley LLC to open Bird Dog Beverages on 627 Shadrack Street passed unanimously.

“They met the distance requirements,” said City Manager Valerie Kirkland.

The establishment proposed by Hirani Investments LLC, Burke Beverage Outlet, to be located at the Walmart shopping center received less support passing by a 3-2 vote.

An application submitted by Yogi Swami LLC to open The Package Store at 505 W. 6th Street prompted more discussion from the panel due to its proximity to the 6th Street Park. Still, the application was denied after Councilwoman Vickey Bates motioned to reject the application.

The council tabled a fourth application submitted by Kimberly Peek Taylor to open Taylor Bros. Express Package Shop at 1105 N. Liberty Street. Kirkland pointed out there are four daycare centers in the area. The panel will re-address that application during the next meeting, Tuesday, June 21.

Each location was surveyed by Steve Bargeron & Associates to make sure the proposed liquor stores met distance requirements from parks, churches and schools.

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