Children attacked by abandoned dogs

Two boys were attacked by dogs abandoned in a Waynesboro neighborhood.

A DOT employee called police Thursday after seeing a pit bull and mixed breed dog attacking a 12-year-old in front of his Washington Drive home.

The man ran the dogs off and assisted the boy, who’d been bitten in the hip area.

When officers arrived, they discovered the boy’s 14-yearold friend, who also lives in the neighborhood, had been injured by the dogs as well.

“He had multiple wounds, including a serious one in the thigh area,” Waynesboro police officer Chris Greene said of the latter victim.

The boys told officers they were walking along Washington Drive when the two unprovoked dogs began chasing them.

According to neighbors, the dogs were apparently abandoned by a homeowner who recently moved away.

Both boys were transported to Burke Medical Center for treatment while the dogs were captured by animal control officers.

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