Burke Health celebrates one year anniversary

Burke Health celebrates its first anniversary since acquiring the former Burke Medical Center last June, differentiating itself in rural healthcare by specializing in orthopedics and cardiology.

Soon after its acquisition, Burke Medical Center underwent a complete re-branding initiative. In addition, the hospital’s clinics were also re-branded to create consistency in their efforts to offer comprehensive services and care patients could trust. The new branding went into effect earlier this year when they announced the new name “Burke Health” to the public, along with new logos, website, tagline, and social accounts.

“As we celebrate this anniversary and reflect on the hard work and dedication our staff has exhibited to make our facility the first choice in patient care, Burke Health is proud of our progress in just a short time,” CEO Mike Hester said. “We look forward to the future of this facility and continuing the exceptional care that we provide Burke and surrounding communities. But we’ve only just begun,”

Since the acquisition, Burke Hospital Group have focused on adding new services to increase access to quality healthcare in the rural landscape and create an exceptional experience for those requiring specialty care. They have completed over 800 orthopedic procedures, added new operating rooms and state-of-the-art equipment, and added a cardiac catheterization unit. The hospital also emphasized the quality of patient care in the emergency room by partnering with Southland MD to provide emergency care physicians that met the professional standards of the new company.

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