BOC responds to Sheriff’s Appeal in Mandamus petition

The Board of Commissioners issued a press release last week in response to Sheriff Williams ’Appeal pertaining to the Mandamus Petition he filed against the County asking for control over the department’s payroll.

“Last year, Sheriff Williams filed a lawsuit against Burke County claiming he was not allowed to handle his own payroll for his deputies. Judge Stone ruled earlier this year against Sheriff Williams and in favor of Burke County that the Board of Commissioners should continue to handle payroll matters for the deputies just like they do for all the other County employees. Although the Court ruled against Sheriff Williams, he is now appealing the case to the Georgia Court of Appeals,” the press release states. “ The County expects the Appeals Court to rule the same way that the local court did, that it is wise and efficient for Burke County to continue to handle payroll responsibilities. This allows the Sheriff the right to manage the total number of deputies and other employees under the Sheriff of Burke County and their amount of pay, subject only to the overall approved budget total as set by the Burke County Board of Commissioners. The Board of Commissioners is dedicated to spending the taxpayers’ dollars as wisely as possible, including giving our Sheriff’s Office more money and resources than any other County our size in Georgia. Fire, ambulance and police protection are important to the Board of Commissioners, and they are dedicated to continuing to provide money for the best services in this area. Unfortunately, the cost of the lawsuit filed by the Sheriff has used up money which could have been used to serve the citizens of Burke County.”

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