BOC confronts Sheriff error

The Board of Commissioners was left wondering how to handle a spending blunder during the April 11 meeting.

Last month, Sheriff Alfonzo Williams approached the panel about the acceptance of a $100,000 Rural Violent Crime Reduction Initiative (RVCRI) Training and Technical Assistance

Grant. The funding is designed to support a two-year program to increase the understanding, capacity and access to resources. It was understood that the BCSO will use the funds for a crime analyst position within the department and the grant will support 100% of the position’s salary and fringe costs.The BOC panel voted to accept the grant.

However, this month there was confusion on how to handle the situation since the crime analyst has already begun employment at a salary that will use up the grant funds after 18 months. Sheriff Williams was not present at the BOC meeting to explain.

After much discussion, the panel voted 3-2 for a budget amendment that gave the BCSO the funds to pay the analyst, however they stated that when the grant money runs out, it is up to the Sheriff to come up with the balance to fund the six months that are projected to remain.

Commissioners Evans Martin and Art Lively opposed the decision to approve the budget amendment without first conferring with the Sheriff.

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