Armed robbers sentenced for holdups

Three armed robbers have been sent to jail for holding up two downtown Waynesboro businesses.

Last week, Ja’Quez Pascal and Dominique Hughes, who were 15 and 16, respectively, when they committed the crime, pleaded guilty to robbing the Golden Pantry on Liberty Street at gunpoint in September 2007. Superior Court Judge Carlisle Overstreet sentenced them each to serve 10 years in prison and pay a $10,000 fine. They must also serve another 10 years on probation when they are released from prison.

According to investigators, the two teens used a .380-caliber handgun to demand money, cigarettes and cigars before fleeing to their getaway car. An assistant district attorney said charges against a teen who drove the car and another who acted as a lookout would be dropped.

In an unrelated case, Johnny Price, 24, pleaded guilty to two counts of armed robbery for holding up employees at Money Talks Cellular on Liberty Street in December 2006.

Judge Overstreet sentenced Price to three years in prison and four years on probation.

According to investigators, Price entered the store just before closing time wearing a mask and carrying a large-caliber revolver. He demanded the bank deposit bag and ordered the two employees to lie down and count to 10 as he left.

Before exiting, however, he stopped to adjust his mask and one of the employees saw his face. She remembered him from school and was later able to identify him using an old yearbook.

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