Alli the Alligator

Once upon a time there was a special alligator named Alli. She lived deep in a swamp on Easter Island. Alli was pregnant and about to lay her eggs. She was trying to find a place to make her nest. Alli found the perfect place and was laying on her eggs waiting for them to hatch. Alli then heard the cracking of eggs and baby alligators were coming out of the eggs. Alli noticed that one egg was different and looked at it again and noticed it was a huge GOLDEN egg. Alli sniffed the egg and rolled it over with her snout. Alli was puzzled by this egg.

The GOLDEN egg started moving and shaking. Then the egg cracked and an all different colored alligator came out. Alli was shocked that her baby looked like an Easter egg. The baby was pink, green, yellow and blue. People from all over Easter Island came to look at this alligator that looked like an Easter egg. Alli was quite confused by her new baby alligator. She had no idea how this could have happened.

The mayor of Easter Island came to look at this rare creature. Alli did not like all the attention that her odd baby was drawing to her other new babies. The mayor was so fascinated by the rare alligator that he named her “Candy” in honor of Easter and due to her colorful skin.

Alli was asked by the mayor to let Candy be the guest of honor at the annual Easter parade. At first Alli said “NO” but then changed her mind when all her babies wanted to be on the special float at the parade. Candy had a special throne to sit on and wave at all the residents of Easter Island. After Alli saw how excited Candy was about the parade, she relaxed and enjoyed the parade herself.

The mayor proclaimed this Easter parade CANDY DAY and all the residents of Easter Island received bags full of candy to take home.

Candy grew up to be a great role model for other alligators. She taught others that being different made you special. Candy lived a long life on Easter Island.

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