Ag Processing Proficiency



The Agricultural Proficiency Awards program helps students to set goals and learn practical skills. The program rewards FFA members at the local, state and national levels for exceptional accomplishments and excellence in their Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) program. Christopher Stewart has learned a great deal with his SAE while working at The Rack Shack, a local deer processing facility. He has learned to process deer meat, mix different kinds

of sausage and other seasoned items, cook deer meat for things like summer sausage and jerky, and how to properly store deer meat. The different cuts of meat include cube steak, steaks, butterfly steaks, stew meat, whole roasts, whole backstraps, and whole inner loins. Christopher has also gained knowledge in record keeping, and the importance of sanitation procedures. Pictured you will see Christopher sanitizing the meat grinder and loading the dehydrator with delicious jerky.



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