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2018 Masters Golf Tournament

With Tiger Woods back in the mix after several years, the 82nd Masters Golf Tournament is causing a lot of excitement in the area, including here in Burke County. Local hotels reported being “very nearly full” earlier this week, but with rooms still available for the weekend. Spokespersons for the hotels said that Masters visitors play a big role in […]

BCSO hopes increased enforcement will save lives

In just three days, increased traffic enforcement on some of Burke County’s deadliest roads led to nearly 500 citations. According to Chief Deputy Lewis Blanchard, the BCSO teamed up with the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, Georgia State Patrol and HEAT teams from both Effingham and Douglas counties to focus on particular areas of concern across the county. “Due to […]

Vice mayor cries foul over email

An email penned by a city council member had Waynesboro’s vice mayor visibly angry during Monday night’s meeting. Vice mayor Brenda Lewis was so upset by the message, she said she herself was the one who requested that it be on the agenda. “I’m certainly not having an affair with the chief (of police) if that is what you’re trying […]

Mayor, gospel singer saga finally ends

A gospel singer says she has changed her policy for visiting churches following actions taken by Waynesboro’s mayor. Attorney Sharyn Bergin, a spokesperson for Dottie Peoples, said Peoples was very offended when her name became attached to media reports concerning Mayor Greg Carswell’s spending habits. In a telephone interview on Monday afternoon, Bergin told The True Citizen that Peoples often […]

Price, Adams win creative writing contests

Two local students have earned their classes ice cream parties for wowing True Citizen readers with their story-telling skills. Third-grader Asher Price, a student in Erin Saxon’s class at Blakeney Elementary School, used baseball to draw the audience into his story, “Spring Fun,” beating out competition from fellow classmates as well as second and fourth grade contestants. Following a close […]

A&W Oil is sold to Ohio based company

One of Burke County’s oldest and most widely recognized businesses has been sold. A&W Oil Company, established here in 1946, has been bought by RelaDyne, Inc., headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. The local office of the company has been closed and all personnel relocated to Augusta. A&W manager Kevin Booth said Tuesday that, “We understand that change often brings uncertainty regarding […]

Protecting online privacy

Privacy online has been a concern for as far back as the days of MySpace. (Did you know it still existed?) In today’s mobile world most people are using apps to sign in to services instead of a good old-fashioned web browser. Apps, short for application software, are mini software programs that are designed around individual services for an easier […]


Your “truth” is a significant determinant of what contributes to or drains one of energy and success in life. I’m not suggesting the defi- nition that requires a rigid adherence to a code of behavior or that what is right or wrong stands true for everyone in the same way. I refer to your truth as how your personal life […]

What’s Next?

BEHAVIORAL HEALTH AND SUBSTANCE ABUSE SERVICES The Community Service Board of Middle Georgia, Ogeechee Division, located at 292 W. 4th St., Waynesboro, is now offering open access for behavioral health and substance abuse services on every Tuesday and Thursday. Registration begins at 7:30 a.m. and ends at 11:30 a.m. A picture ID and insurance card are required. The hope is […]

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