The great fire of ’65 reshaped downtown

Fifty years ago this week, December 27, 1965, a raging fire destroyed a big portion of Waynesboro’s downtown business district. In a blaze that was described as “more destruction than most residents can remember,” three local businesses and the Bank of Waynesboro were either completely destroyed or extensively damaged. The fire apparently started in Taylor’s Drug Store and was discovered […]

The most popular stories as determined by readers


This year, readers picked the top stories of the year with pageviews, likes and shares on The True Citizen’s website and Facebook page. Now that 2015 is coming to a close those statistics have been tallied and this year’s top stories are a mix of unique topics. AROUND TOWN With over 2.3k likes on Facebook, the confirmation of a long […]

Woman shot from passing vehicle

Burke County deputies were called to Burke Medical Center early Sunday morning, December 27 to investigate a shooting. Eighteen year-old Danesha Jenkins of Waynesboro was seriously injured when she was shot in the back. Witnesses said she was wounded while riding as a backseat passenger in a 2014 KIA Soul driven by Joshua Roundtree. Roundtree said he was driving south […]

Gasoline prices here follow national trend

Among the more than 90 million Americans on the holiday road Burke Countians are finding the lowest average gas prices for the year-end holidays since 2008-09. The national average price for a gallon of gasoline is $2.00 nationally, $2.01 in Florida, $1.91 in Georgia, and $1.76 in Tennessee. In Waynesboro, the price of gas varies widely. A drive-by check of […]


Keeping The Dream Alive

The Burke County Improvement Association and the Burke Black Churches Benevolent Association have announced the next annual celebration of the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. This year’s theme is “Living the Dream” and any organization or agency is invited to participate as well as the public. A parade is planned for January 16th , 2016. The route will start at […]

Looking Back

{this week in Burke County history}

10 YEARS AGO – JANUARY 4, 2006 25 year Burke County School system veteran Linda Bailey was named Superintendent of Schools, succeeding Doug Day who retired at the end of 2005. She had formerly served as deputy superintendent, principal, assistant principal and teacher in the system. Maggie Cartwright was installed as the new Mayor of Keysville, succeeding Emma Gresham who […]


Well, that’s that. Another year gone. Where’d it go? I hope that yours was as fulfilling as mine was. I don’t really know where to start the reminiscing about the past 12 months, it’s been such a busy year, so, let’s start with who. Who’s new. My little sub-clan grew by two during the past year. Two new grandbabies and […]


While the Sixth Commandment in the King James Version of the Bible states “Thou Shall Not Kill,” the text of the New King James Version reads “You Shall Not Murder.” Bible scholars agree that while all murders are killings; not all killings are murder. A distinction is made between accidental killings and those that are premeditated. While some killings may […]

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