Results Are In

Final Results, posted 10:30 p.m.

The following results are for Burke County only. To see state results, go to   Democratic Ballot                                               Republican Ballot   U.S. Senate                                                           R.J. Hadley- 175  Michael Thurmond – 673   Governor                                                               Governor Thurbert Baker – 343                                              Jeff Chapman – 20 Roy E. Barnes- 538                                                Nathan Deal- 124 Bill Bolton – 8                                                         Karen Handel- 597 Carl Camon – 10                                                     Eric […]

Burke Happenings

Town Hall Meeting Officials will host a town hall meeting 6 p.m., Thursday, July 22, at the Burke County Office Park on West Sixth Street in Waynesboro. The meeting, which is organized by State Rep. Gloria Frazier, will address concerns that have arisen since the June 18 murders of Ralph and Trudie Gordon. Stuff the Bus Communities and Schools (CIS) […]

Church News

Second Hopeful Second Hopeful Baptist Church in Hephzibah will have its summer revival 7 p.m., Tuesday-Thursday, Aug. 3-5. The Rev. Anthony Mansfield, pastor of Honeyford Baptist Church in Denmark, S.C., will be the guest minister. All churches are invited to attend on the night of their choice. McElmurray Tabernacle McElmurray Tabernacle Baptist Church will have its annual summer revival 7:30 […]

The next financial crisis (the Stamp Bubble?)

In a world in which anything, it seems, can be turned into a risky investment instrument, consider the “forever” stamp. Did you think it was just a device for the post office to guarantee that a first-class stamp would always be postage enough for a firstclass letter? Imagine if the stamps caught the eye of some Wall Street whiz. Like […]



Have you seen the July 12 cover of Newsweek? The Face of the New South Nikki Haley, does she remind you of any one? Elizabeth Billips and I saw the magazine lying on Roy Chalker’s desk and both agreed Nikki looks like Shannon Saxon. She is posed on the cover with her arms crossed. If you have ever stood and […]

Looking Back

10 years ago: July 19, 2000 Clay Walden was elected to the Burke County Board of Education (District 3) over incumbent Robert Stokes. Incumbent Chief Magistrate Alma Young Tuff was defeated by political newcomer Curt St. Germaine. Ed Grunewald faced Jerry Daniel in a runoff for Judge of State Court. U.S. Senator Paul Coverdell died in Atlanta of a cerebral […]

Don Lively


Let’s play a game. Here are four books. Pick one. Okay, good. Now, pick a page. Page 79. Okay. Good. Now, choose a face. Any of the twenty fresh teenage mugs smiling back at you. Now, what do you see? Me. A long time ago. What else? Friends and family. Dreams and nightmares. Sadness and joy. Shall I go on? […]

Dixie Divas


Rodney, the reigning patriarch of our family, loves sorghum syrup which, in the mountains, is called “soggum syrup.” During one Sundayafter church dinner, Louise had made a batch of hot, buttermilk biscuits so when she offered choices of two desserts, Rodney spoke up and said, “I’ll just have soggum syrup and biscuits.” Dutifully, like the good wife and hostess she […]

Other Voices


Everyone loves a parade. If not everyone, then most of us. I know I do. Probably the first parade I ever saw was a Barnum- Bailey-Ringling Brothers Circus parade. What a thrill it was to see the performers strutting by followed by a menagerie of exotic animals. Lions and Tigers in rolling cages pulled by giant Pachyderms. There were cages […]