2019-04-10 / News

REMOP seeking local samples for education

The Radionuclide Education, Monitoring and Outreach Project, operated by the University of Georgia’s Savannah River Ecology Laboratory (SREL), is continuing the sampling phase of its project. The REMOP team is asking Burke County residents to provide samples of local soil and water and farm-raised milk for the program.

Megan Winzeler, the REMOP coordinator for SREL, said the team will collect samples that will be analyzed for radioactive elements including tritium. They will also be tested for heavy metals like mercury and lead.

Natalie Herrington, the event assistant for REMOP, said individuals who provide samples will have complete anonymity. No personal identifiable information will be requested, but the organization will provide the lab results to donors who request them.

The team said sampling and testing is about educating individuals in the county.

“The results will go back into the REMOP program. We will use them in our talks and fact sheets to illustrate how the analytical process works,” said Winzeler. “Unlike monitoring, sampling cannot be used to come to conclusions about public health.”

“Our goal is to teach and empower people how to read the actual monitoring reports,” Herrington said.

Individuals who are interested in providing samples can contact the REMOP team at 706-533-3363 or email Winzeler at mewinzeler@srel.uga. ed or Herrington at natalie. herrington@uga.edu.

To learn more about REMOP, go to www.srel.uga.edu and click on the Outreach tab, then click on REMOP.

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