2019-02-06 / School News

FCA Students of the Month

A number of students at Faith Christian Academy were selected as Students of the Month for the month of January. These students demonstrated Christ-like character in faith. Students who received the recognition were, from left, front row: JW Grubaugh (fifth grade), Zia Wike (fourth grade), Colin Bell (third grade), Bentley Johnson and Levi Bates (second grade), Arabella Cruz (first), Kinslee Tobias (K-5), Jaxon Collins and Sarah DeLaigle (K-4) and Chloe Reeves (K-3); and back row: Jordan Holley(11th grade), Joel Strickland (10th grade), Nicole Sanford (9th grade), Johnny Williams (eighth grade), Holt Sapp (seventh grade) and Noah Smith (sixth grade). Not pictured is senior Adam Grubb.

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