2018-10-03 / News

Citizens Police Academy graduates

After 11 weeks of courses ranging from criminal law to DUI to firearms/judgmental use of deadly force training, local residents graduated from the Waynesboro Police Department’s Citizens Police Academy. On Thursday, they received certificates for their completion of the program, and WPD Chief Augustus Palmer and Waynesboro Mayor Greg Carswell thanked them for their time and desire to understand the inner workings of the department. Carswell also told the group he would be signing up for the next class. Headed by Maj. Tommy Henderson, the course not only helps to forge relationships between police and the citizens they serve, but helps citizens gain knowledge on what law enforcement officers deal with on a day to day basis. Upon completion of the CPA, graduates are eligible to partake in Citizens on Patrol. Pictured are, from left, Chief Palmer, Mayor Carswell, Maj. Cedric Duncan, graduate Marvin Scott, Lt. Godreque Newsom, graduates Doris Tongo and David Royal, Maj. Henderson, graduate Margaret Pitcher and Officer Danny Rodriguez. Not pictured is graduate Gladys Johnson.

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