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Local man forges new creative frontiers

Geof Redd, aspiring chef Geof Redd, aspiring chef What do a Navy medic, a graphic designer, an artist, a chef and a children’s book author all have in common? Well, if you’re Geof Redd, you are what they all have in common. Since leaving Burke County High School as a graduate in 2002, Redd has lived the professional life some people only dream about.

Immediately after graduation, Redd enlisted in the Navy where he served as a medic in several countries, including Iraq. After leaving the Navy, he used his G.I. Bill to enroll in art school in San Diego where he received a Bachelor of Arts in graphic design. He worked in the field for several years, but is currently a solo self-taught yarn artist, having taken more than a year to perfect his craft. His projects adorn the walls of restaurants and homes, and he was recently commissioned by Ford Motor Company to design a yarn art piece for use for an online promotional project. His stunning artwork can be found at www.yarnsandnoble.com.

Vampirocorn, by Geof Redd Vampirocorn, by Geof Redd Working in art full-time didn’t satiate Redd’s creative passions so he took up cooking. Reminisces Redd, “I’ve always worked in kitchens. I used to work at Papa’s Pizza in town while I was in high school and had a great time.” Starting out as a dishwasher at a local Seattle restaurant, Redd now heads up the bread program in a fine dining establishment. He says, “After realizing how much fun working in a kitchen was, I decided to take it as seriously as my art career,” states Redd. He’s a man who enjoys wearing many hats, including one of a chef. Redd can be followed on Instagram @fromgeoftochef.

For creative types like the ginger-haired chef, enough is never enough. Recently engaged,

Redd’s life it just as he likes it. He hopes his story inspires others. He seems to live his life by the motto “No matter where someone lives, how old or young they are, or what they want to achieve, they should follow their dreams. When dreams begin, creativity is born, passion develops, and purpose is found.” Redd has realized yet another dream of his own by becoming a published author of the children’s book, Vampirocorn. “I knew I wanted to write after getting such positive reactions from friends when I wrote poems in high school.” Written as an assignment in a college creative writing class, Vampirocornteaches kids that although bad things can happen, you can always find a way to make something positive come out of it. Stunning illustrations are sure to be appreciated by kids and adults alike. Several copies of the book are available at the Burke County Public Library. Redd’s latest book, Buckfoot will be released soon. More information about Vampirocorn can be found at www.vampirocorn.com.

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